AOL Gold becomes most popular with its advanced technology and features. It has a large number of clients in everywhere throughout the world. AOL Gold allows its users to access their account with simply. Now a user can adore many services with a single AOL desktop gold application. Web browsing, emailing, conversation, etc. are important services which AOL gold offers.

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But there are some cases when AOL Gold icon is not responding or working properly. In that case, users can follow the below steps to fix this issue.

AOL Gold Icon not responding: Primary Troubleshooting Steps.

What measures would I be able to take if AOL Desktop Gold icon won’t open the software?
If the question is likewise hovering over your mind, then get started with the fundamental DIY steps to determine your AOL not working problem!
List of things that you can try to troubleshoot ‘AOL Desktop Gold icon not launching,’ issue includes:

AOL Desktop Gold software is planned for computer or PC. When you install the software on system, double tap on its icon to dispatch AOL Gold. On the off chance that, Desktop Gold doesn’t react, open or work, it implies the software is powerless against one of the following mentioned causes.

Restart System: The Rapid Solution

In the case that, your AOL Desktop Gold icon not responding, go for a system restart!

  •  For this, you need to spare and close down all the running files and programs on your system.
  •  Then, click ‘restart’ button from the start menu, or press ALT+F4 key altogether and select ‘Restart’ selection.
  •  With this quick action of a system restart, the internal memory called RAM gets cleared that likewise provides space for the Desktop Gold download and after that, keep running from its shortcut icon.
  • On the off chance that, the AOL not responding today (that is, the problem has arisen out of the blue, then go for the next troubleshooting steps).

    Check Network Connection

    If you are using a powerless or unstable Internet connection for the AOL, the trouble-AOL Gold icon not responding won’t leave.

    aol desktop gold

  • So, if you want a stable and great working AOL Gold icon, check and inspect for the great network connection. On the off chance that, you suspect any AOL gold problems, troubleshoot the modem or other machines connecting the Internet source.For reference, pursue the steps given underneath:
  • Open Control Panel and click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’ selection.
  • On the next window, select ‘Troubleshoot Problems icon under ‘Change your Network Settings’ class
    aol desktop gold problems
  • Now, click on ‘Internet Connections’ to troubleshoot the comparability.
  • Likewise, on a similar window, click on ‘Network Adapter’ to troubleshoot Ethernet, wireless, or other network adapters. If there would be a problem with the modem or Internet connectivity, it will get displayed after the troubleshooting completes.
    aol desktop won't open
  • Fix them using system’s commands, and later, you can restart your desktop and advance access to the Desktop Gold software.
    However, if there isn’t any network problem, move ahead with following defined solutions to solve ‘AOL Desktop gold icon has stopped working’ issues

    Scan and Remove Spiteful Software

    Sometimes, the malware like worms or Trojan horses, are strong enough to cause AOL Gold icon not responding problem.

    Along these lines, to check and get rid of AOL not working problem, create another client account on the device. For this:

  • Click on the Start Button and open Control Panel from the inquiry list.
    aol gold
  • Following, choose ‘Manage another Account’ option followed by ‘User Accounts’ in the window
    aol icon
  • Then, click on new user account and make a new icon to verify, if it’s working or not.
    aol gold desktop
  • If the solution works, delete the earlier corrupted account and start using the new one

    Update the AOL Software

  • At the point when AOL Desktop icon stops responding, it implies you have outdated AOL software. More often than not, the software updates automatically, in any case, you can still do it physically (if AOL is not updated).
  •  Other than this, if you’re still stuck with the earlier version, it’s time to update the software and start with the all-new AOL Desktop Gold software.To know added about installing and updating AOL Desktop gold software, see:Steps to AOL Desktop Gold download and InstallThe most effective method to Upgrade from AOL Desktop to new Desktop gold software
    install aol desktop gold

    AOL Gold Icon not responding: Advanced Troubleshooting

    Still AOL Desktop Gold incapable to launch through its icon?

    Not to worry! Just follow these advanced directions and get yourself out of this AOL Gold icon not responding issue.

    Check for Desktop Gold’s Source Files

    Dealing with AOL Desktop Gold Icon not responding problem requires little technical knowledge.
    Now, to diagnose and fix the problem, you should:

  • Locate the AOL Gold icon in system tray or Desktop screen, and right-click on the icon
    aol desktop no longer free
  • If you can’t see AOL desktop gold icon right there is the system you must peruse guide” AOL Desktop Gold icon missing
  • Next, select Properties option starting from the drop menu.
    gold icon
  • Then in the opened dialog box, check for the targeted file and duplicate the URL.
  •  Next, paste this link in the Internet Explorer and verify the accessibility of the software files. On the off chance that, there aren’t any files, delete the icon on the desktop.
  •  Now, open C:/drive and navigate to AOL Desktop Gold file.
  •  Scan for the Desktop Gold icon and examine the working of this symbol.
  •  On the off chance that it’s functioning, right-click on the AOL Gold icon and creates another one on the desktop.On the off chance that, the AOL Desktop gold icon has stopped working, then you have to download Desktop Gold software and re-install desktop gold.

    For more assistance, you can ask the experts on +1-877-370-6907 (toll-free).

    Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall

    The system’s security programs like anti-virus and firewall sometimes, deny Internet access to software like Desktop Gold.

    Therefore, if you want to hide error messages like “ERROR 118 Connection timed out,” then disable all security programs temporarily. When the AOL software reacts from the Desktop Gold shortcut icon, you can re-empower both-anti-virus and firewall.

    Now, to disable a firewall program, if you require assistance, pursue the steps, given beneath:

  • Double tap on installed anti-virus icon (displayed in system tray).
  • As soon you click, the security center window of your installed anti-virus will open. Here, click on ‘Web and Email Protection’ option and next, tap on ‘Firewall: On link
    problem icon
  • You can see ‘Turn Off’ and ‘Restore Default’s button in the window. Click on Turn off key to disable the firewall.
    aol not working
  • Another window will open, prompting for when you want the firewall program to continue. Pick the appropriate time starting from the drop menu and click ‘Turn off’ and ‘done’ button to confirm the procedure.
  • Then, try re-launching the Desktop Gold software from its icon
  • Still, AOL desktop gold unfit to dispatch! Then, go for the next AOL troubleshooting method.
  • Important: The next method can just work if the Desktop Gold icon is not working since you last updated the previous version of AOL.

    Restore Windows Settings

    Clients can resolve ‘AOL Gold Icon not working after Installing AOL Gold’ issue through the system restoration method.

    Note: Under this procedure, all the machine setting will date back to the time you last rolled out any improvements. Surprisingly, the action will complete with no change to the stored info.

    For individuals facing difficulties during the system restoration process, here are some simple steps to follow:

    For Window XP

  • Click on Start Menu at the bottom left corner of the window.
  •  Next, click on ‘Help and Support’ button. Simultaneously, ensure your system stays connected to the Internet.
  •  Then, click on ‘Pick a Task’ option and select “Fix changes to their computer with System Restore.

    During this action, you must guarantee that there is a dot in ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ option.
  • Click on Next key and type the date with Bold text.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Next’ button to complete the procedure of system restoration.

    For Window Vista or Window 7

    With regards to system restore process on Windows 7 or Vista, the operation will fluctuate a little.

  • To start, click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of the desktop window.
  • Then, in web index, type System Restore. As soon you enter the words in inquiry cell, you can locate the system restore option at the top of the list; click on it.
  • Following, a system restore window will open after 5 seconds. Here, click on Next.
  •  the later window, re-confirm by selecting “Restore your computer to the state it was in before the selected event” option. There, click on Next button lastly, the Finish button to complete the procedure.

    Note: Before you start System Restore process, spare files on the system and close all the currently running programs. When you click on Finish button, the procedure of System Restore will begin and restarts your computer.With this, your AOL Gold icon not responding issue will get settled.

    Uninstall and Reinstall the Software

    In the end, if nothing works, uninstall the Desktop Gold software and start from scrape! In other words, download aol desktop no longer free and install it, newly.

    Be that as it may, if you require assistance, then get to the guide and figure out how to re-install Desktop Gold software.

    Why is my AOL Gold Icon Not Responding After Installing AOL Gold?

    AOL Desktop Gold software keeps running on Windows and Mac operating system. In this way, when it gets installed on your device, you can see an icon on the desktop. Next, to dispatch this software, you must double-tap the icon.

    On the off chance that, AOL Desktop gold icon not working, it implies the software is defenseless against one of the following causes.

    Poor Network Conditions

    At the point when there’s an issue with your modem or network connection, you’ll most presumably experience AOL Gold icon stopped working problem. Simply put, this is the manner by which; your AOL Gold shortcut icon progresses toward becoming non-responsive to mouse clicks.

    Now, to confirm these reasons, you must troubleshoot your device network. If there’s a poor Internet connection or some other similar error related to the network, your electronic machine will display the message, on completion of AOL diagnose.

    Bad Connection to Source Files

    Sometimes, the AOL Gold icon not responding issue may likewise trouble you, if the software is not connected to its source file in the drive.

    Now, what are these source files? In this way, you are additionally wondering the equivalent!

    All things considered, these are directory files. In detail, Desktop Gold installation creates certain files directing path to AOL login page, termed as source records.

    During effective clicks on AOL icon, for the most part, the look for these files begin that opens the program. Be that as it may, if the Desktop Gold loses or has no connection with these source files, you can’t dispatch AOL desktop gold icon.

    Incompatible System and Software

    If AOL Gold icon not responding on Windows, you must check the system requirements for the software. On the off chance that, the specifications don’t match up with the software needs, you will wind up having a worthless icon.

    Similarly, before you download and install Desktop Gold on Mac, guarantee you know the minimum system requirements.

    Virus or Spiteful Program

    If AOL Gold icon not responding on Windows, you must check the system requirements for the software. On the off chance that, the specifications don’t match up with the software needs, you will wind up having a worthless icon.

    Similarly, before you download and install Desktop Gold on Mac, guarantee you know the minimum system requirements.

    Outdated Software

    The outdated system software is likewise responsible for AOL Gold icon not responding issue. Therefore, on the off chance that you’re using a more seasoned version of AOL Desktop or have not overhauled the other associated software in Windows, it might trouble you.

    Bad Windows Update

    Certainly, a system must have Windows 7 or higher to run AOL Desktop Gold. This implies, if you haven’t redesigned your operating system, or have updated using corrupted files, the Desktop Gold software will stop functioning out of the blue.

    Along these lines, do examine the USB or some other physical device, before you’re using it for installation purposes.

    Nuisance Caused by Other Software

    Your system’s internal memory (RAM) must have an immense space to run any new program. Nonetheless, if there are as of now lots of programs running on your system, there’s a high probability of flooded RAM. As a result, there will be no more space in the system’s memory for the installation or running of another database.

    In this way, on clicking the Desktop Gold icon, if an egg timer desires a second then, goes off without loading the sign-In page, it implies your AOL Desktop won’t open.

    To fix this AOL Gold icon not responding problem, simply restart the system.

    Expectation this guide, enable you to understand and troubleshoot AOL desktop is not working problem!

    On the off chance that, you are still facing difficulties in resolving the AOL Gold icon stopped working problem.

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AOL Gold becomes most popular with its advanced technology and features. It has a large number of clients in everywhere throughout the world.AOL Gold allows its users to access their account with simply