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With new and improved features along with automatic updates, several AOL Desktop Gold download has been seen in the past few months. With the techno-age taking over the traditional methodology, advanced applications and software inclusions have to change the way we use features in the computer, laptop, smartphones, or similar devices.

AOL Desktop Gold is a product launched by AOL that comes with enhanced features as well as services that make daily use of technology an easier process. At times, it can get difficult to install the product on certain devices which requires the help of tech support to download AOL Desktop Gold or install the same properly. So before you go ahead and opt for tech support, here are few things you need to keep in mind and order before seeking help.

AOL Desktop Gold- Basic Features

  • Language: English.
  • Size: 15Mb.
  • Version: Gold.
  • Developer: AOL.
  • License: $4.99/ Month.

Make sure you have appropriately updated the system as per the following requirements to download AOL Gold.

  • For AOL Gold Download, you need at least Windows 7 or above.
  • Your computer needs to have a processor that is 266 MHz or anything that is faster.
  • The screen resolution to support AOL Desktop Gold needs to be at least 1024×768 or above.
  • The total requirement for AOL 9.7 Download support, the memory requirements include 1 GB of RAM along with a basic 512 MB hard disk free space.
  • You need internet support to download AOL 9.7.

The users that have already used the basic version of AOL need to remember that the latest update to this application comes with several feature additions that have led to mass favoritism for the same. The technical glitch can be expected with the protocol being completely new, but it’s nothing that cannot be handled with the help of a tech support team within least possible time.

Features added to the AOL Desktop Gold

  • User-friendliness and automatic updates: The users need not pitch in extra manual effort while shifting from basic to AOL Gold version as the passwords, usernames, toolbar icons, mail, and contacts are automatically transferred to the latest version. Less space is required for the new updates while the old ones are replaced to keep up with the space consumption.
  • Enhanced Security: Incorporation of better performance regarding the speed with minimal errors. The app also comes with better security and safety from the cyber threats with the sturdy two-step verification process that avoids the account from any unethical compromise.
  • Import Wizard: Full-scale data import for the users with automatic transfer option. However, the users can also opt for manual transfer if partial data-transfer is required by running the import wizard.
  • Enhanced Encryption: AOL Gold allows the browsers to save any user based information such as favorite websites for easy access to the same. Email encryption allows the senders and receivers to maintain anonymity for the transfer of information.

Installation of the AOL Desktop Gold involves the following procedure to be followed:

  • For windows installation of the AOL Desktop Gold, users need to look for the Download AOL shield Icon in the download section and double click on the same after the completion of AOL Desktop download.
  • Click on the “Run” option on the pop-up window that appears on the screen.
  • This is followed by the install now an icon that needs to be clicked.
  • After the installation process begins, the users shall be prompted for removal of any old version of this software.
  • Post completion of the installation, the user shall be prompted to click on the “OK” button. This leads to full-scale completion of the installation process.


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