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New AOL Shield Pro browser with enhanced security features provides protection with whole secure browsing experience so you can worry less surf the internet for shopping, net banking, social media etc. we have ways to help protect your information.

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Enjoy safe internet browsing by installing best internet security

Do you think your children may see unwanted stuff or inappropriate stuff while using the internet? Are you afraid that someone will still all your personal information while doing the online transaction? Do you think your privacy might be compromised? Well, such things can happen anytime without your notice. Nowadays one of the few things that come free in this world is dangerous viruses.

AOL Shield Download

That’s why you should AOL shield download to prevent such things. Unwanted, irritating and often resulting in total havoc and such viruses or malware can severely harm your computer. Today, if your system is unprotected, then definitely the system will get infected sooner or later. It is true that antiviruses are great to deal with such threats, but, internet security like AOL shield preserves as the best and effective alternative.

AOL shield for windows 10

Talking about the internet security, there is a lot of difference between internet security and antivirus. It is like a combination of different programs which protect users from virus and internet related threats. The AOL shield for windows 10 offers great and useful features, and it not only protects from viruses but also develops firewall which protects a computer.
It protects your system from different unwanted access and restricts access to programs and applications. If you are facing issues like malware and spyware, that attempt to steal information from your computer, then internet security will help you a lot. So, download AOL shield for windows 10 now and protect your pc from viruses.

Why should you choose the best internet security for your pc?

As per the statistical report, more than two hundred new viruses affect pc. Your computer can be infected with adware, malware or spyware or some malicious code which can be used by hackers to steal your personal information. Install AOL Gold internet security software ensures that you are protected 24×7 from threats of virus, Trojans, malware and dangerous phishing.
Download AOL shield which is based on the Chromium browser framework and also supports a lot of Chrome extensions, apps, themes, and other things. This internet security software protects with advanced security features. That means you will need not to worry about online threats while browsing the internet with AOL shield browser download. Your shopping, banking, and social media will be protected.

aol shield download

Major security features that you will get in AOL shield

1. The Anti-Phishing security

  • PhishLock Technology: It helps in preventing identity and data theft. It automatically detects suspicious things when you visit a website. If it found any such activities, it will block the webpage from loading. You can also protect your smartphone with AOL shield app download.
  • Blacklisting Protection: After detecting a phishing site, it will automatically add the site to a blacklist which is maintained and available for public use. The AOL shield update will enable you to use this feature.

2. The EntryProtect features

  • Anti-keylogging (AKL): It has the window hook protection feature, which detects the system messages, sent to the application window, for example, keyboard and mouse. The window hook protection prevents malware from detecting the worlds. With AOL shield pro download you can enjoy this feature.
  • Kernel level keylogging protection: Keyloggers are a form of spyware which is used to evaluate the keystrokes. The AOL shield windows XP uses patented technology which further replaces the real key pressed with random characters to help prevent anyone from capturing keystrokes and your personal information and AOL Desktop Gold
  • Screen capture protection: These features of AOL shield download prevent harmful malware from stealing your sensitive data. It blocks the software that tries to take pictures of the browser screens. However, you can capture the browser screens manually.
AOL Shield

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3. Malware

With the AOL shield Pro, you can easily prevent a malware-affected website from loading. You will be redirected to a malware notification page.
If you are facing some issue while downloading this, then choose AOL shield download help to enjoy a successful AOL shield install method..


Well to install this the users are required to visit the official page of it and from there they can download AOL Shield for Windows 10. The users are required to follow the specific instructions to install it. If the users have any technical error while downloading and installing AOL Shield pro then they can opt for AOL Shield download support to rectify the issue.
It is a patented technology of AOL Shield Pro which is use to prevent from being capturing keystrokes when the users press any keys which is quite dangerous if those keystrokes captured and the users can expose their sensitive data as key loggers are another form of spyware.
Yes the users can hide the Anti-Keylogging window under Settings option. We are providing some steps for the users to hide the Anti-Keylogging window Note: The following steps will only hide the Anti-Keylogging window. AOL Shield Pro will continue to encrypt your keystrokes.
  1. The users can find in the upper right, where they have to click the menu button(three horizontal lines) and then click Settings.
  2. Here the users can find on the Settings page, under Appearance, they have to just uncheck the box next to ‘Show enhanced security scrambler window.’
  3. Now they can restart the AOL Shield Pro browser to get the effect of the process.
No, the users can’t use the AOL Shield pro on Tablet as it is available only in Windows version and the users have to wait lit bit more AOL Shield update in the next version.
The answers in No as it is not developed for the Mac system or gadgets. It is only for the Windows based system and gadgets.
  1. For setting the homepage the users are required to click on the menu button which is in the upper right corner (three horizontal lines) and then click on Settings.
  2. Here the users have to just see it that on the Settings page, under Appearance, they have to ensure it that the box which is next to Show Home Button is checked and after that they have to click on the Change link.
  3. Now the users have to click on the circle next to “Open this page” in the box that appears, and then they have to just type in the url, that they’d like to set as their homepage.
  4. After the previous step the user have to just click on Ok to save their homepage.
There are some steps which are required to follow by the users which we are mentioning below:
  1. The users have click on the menu button (three horizontal lines) which they can find in the upper right corner.
  2. Here the users have to just move your pointer over More Tools, in the menu window, and then they have to click on  Clear browsing data.
  3. After that they are required to select the checkboxes for the types of browsing information that they want to remove in the box that appears next.
  4. Here the users have to click on the drop-down menu to select the amount of data that they want to delete which can be find at the top of the box. Now they have to select the time according to their need to delete everything.
  5. Click Clear browsing data.
Yes! In the upper right corner, the users have to just click on the menu button (three horizontal lines), and then they have to just click on New Incognito Window to open a private window.
Yes, it’s a good news for the users that they can run almost every Chrome extensions, apps, and themes in the AOL Shield Pro browser as they both are built off on the same framework Chromium.
  • Yes! The users have the option to have a screenshot by using the keyboard where the users have to just select the window they want to take a picture of and after that they have to just press the Alt key and Print Screen key
  • Note: The users have to keep it in mind that the tools or extensions will work as this is this is an AOL Shield Pro which has the security features of preventing malware from taking screenshots to steal the user’s vital information.
Well, actually it is a bug on which we are working and will be fixed very soon but still the users have two option are there:
  • The users can go for this option meanwhile as watching the Video in full-screen mode, they can move their mouse pointer on top of the bar and the Anti-Keylogging bar will hide with this method
  • The users have to just click on menu and then settings and after that under appearance they have to uncheck the box which is next to the ‘Show enhanced security scrambler Window’.
  • In the final step they have to close the AOL Shield Pro browser and restart to see the changes.

As it is clear to all that this is completely a new browser and the users have to go for the option of AOL Shield browser download on it official website where they can find the link to download and install it. The users might face some technical errors while downloading or installing it on their system and need some support to rectify the issues through AOL Shield download help where all kind of errors will be rectified on priority basis.


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